Our People

Our people—staff, board members, coaches and volunteers—are dedicated to ensuring a positive experience for every participant and family. Learn more about the individuals who bring our mission and vision to life.

Our Staff

Ali Reynolds

Communications Manager

Catherine Estevez

Executive Director

Emily Matisko

Outreach Manager

Sophia Rechkemer

University of Richmond Bonner Intern


Our Board

Jillian Avey

Board Member

Annie Baldauf

Development Chair

Carrie Bartlett

Board Chair

Jill Boxler

Vice Chair

Tiffany Copeland

Board Member

Maureen Dingus

Board Member

Gail Fottrell-Jones

Board Member

Krystal Gillespie

Board Member

Rebekah Greene

Board Member

Emily Lehmann


Renee Lenassi


Kate McGee

Governance Chair

Allison Monger

Board Member

Emily Rinehardt

Board Member

Lauren Sweeney

Board Member

Our Culture

Our mission, vision and core values are at the heart of everything we do. Learn more about our organization, our commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and access, and how you can join our team.